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For over 20 years I have been performing the art of Massage Therapy.  My clients not only experience relaxation and relief from tense muscles, they also realize a better frame of mind and an overall improved feeling of health.  I am proud to say I always do my best work and when you leave my studio, you will feel much better than you did when you arrived!

My Massage Therapy incorporates many different techniques depending on the individual needs of each client.  I have a very firm, yet relaxing touch. Specializing in the neck and shoulders, my clients benefit from relief of these tense muscles, especially those that spend long hours working on a computer.

You'll find that my studio features a relaxed, serene environment.  All my attention is devoted to you while you are in my studio.  Appointments are scheduled with a break in time in between clients so you receive 100% of my attention while you are here.  There is no waiting area full of other people, there is no noise or distractions like what you may encounter in the large franchise massage centers.  At Marsha Massage it's all about you!

Think you can't afford a monthly massage?  You can't afford not to, it's preventative medicine!  It only takes $3 a day to get a massage once a month.  There is no excuse for you not to take care of yourself!  The health benefits are both physical and mental.  Skip that daily designer coffee every day and enhance your life with a massage.  

Treat Your Body to a Massage!  It Will Thank You!  

Call Marsha today at 856-246-8483 to start feeling better!

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